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Eagle Sweep Nigeria Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading first-class product and service provider with businesses and services spanning across areas such as Safety and Security Services, Facility Management, Supply and Installation of Security Gadget & Equipment, Transportation (Maritime, Rail and Aviation), COVID-19 Response Systems, Maritime Consultancy and Training.

Our services are designed to generate the best value through efficient, cost-saving and innovative solutions that guarantee quality job delivery to our valued clients spread across the private and public sectors.


  • private security guards


Eagle Sweep possesses the professional capacity, robustly, trained, kitted and motivated security guards ready to handle the security requirements of your business…

Complete Event Security Solutions

When considering using the services of a security company for your event, look out for the quality of service the organization offers, the security architecture, personal touch that makes you feel completely secure.

  • face access control
  • CW180-Thermal-Camera
  • wrist temperature measurement
  • face-time-attendant-
  • handheld metal detector
  • V160-HAND-HELD
  • walk-33-zones
  • walk-33-zones
  • temperature module
  • portable-temperature
  • Cloud-Storage-Camera

Security Equipment Solutions

Eagle Sweep Nigeria Limited has an extensive portfolio of equipment, services and solutions to meet client requirements anywhere in the world

Cleaning & Janitorial

Eagle Sweep Nigeria Limited has experienced professionals that provide comprehensive workplace cleaning and janitorial services which give exquisite end-of-tenancy…

Eagle Logistic Services

Eagle Sweep Nigeria limited has the most professional and timely Dispatch Riders, Delivery Van, G+7 Boom Truck. Our Logistics Company is well positioned to give you the best when it comes to pickup and delivery service in Abuja.

  • Eagle Fire Extinguisher Ball
  • Eagle Fire Extinguishers Ball - the fastest and quickest modern fire fighting device

Eagle Fire Extinguisher Ball

To deliver efficient, timely and value-based products and services geared towards the actualization of our clients’ goals through professional expertise, innovation and superior technology which meets international best practices that empower them for a safe and healthy living.

Incinerator Supply and Installation

Incineration is a method of waste treatment involving the burning of organic materials found in waste. Incineration plants can reduce the mass of waste from 95% to 96%. The decrease in waste is determined by the recovery level and decomposition of substances.

Shatter Proof Laminate

Installing security glass is one of the best and most practical ways to reinforce your home, Vehicles and Facilities against break-ins and burglary attempts. Depending on the level of strength, the glass can delay forced entry by anywhere from around four minutes to complete non-entry. This extra window of time is often enough to deter criminals completely, give those inside your property time to react, and allow the authorities time to arrive. Laminated security glass can withstand repeated high-force impacts from common break-and-enter tools.

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