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I called a close friend of mine today who has been owing me. He told me he didn’t have cash but would make a transfer of 2go credits instead. I did not know exactly whether to smile or frown. It was annoyingly funny.

The truth is, despite the speedy advancement in technology, many still insist on staying put on the same spot. Many still live with the 20th-century realities when we are already in 2021. Are you one of them? Do you still use the fire extinguisher cylinders while others have moved to the Eagle Fire Balls? Do you still use the risky handheld temperature checker when others have moved on for the Walk Through Temperature Scanner? Do your staff still have to write attendance on entering the office when others are using the Facetime Attendant for an automated sign-in? Are you moving with the trend or you are long left behind?


Eagle Fire Extinguisher Ball
wrist temperature measurement

Today is another opportunity to get it right! Call 09088759051 for more information.

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